Thermic Fluid Heater
Pipe gas speed of our thermic fluid heaters is commonly higher between the 2 loops and between the curl and the external shell, so higher the speed higher will be the convective warmth exchange between the vent gas and liquid.
FBC Boiler
The created warmth is exchanged to water to make steam in our fluidized bed boiler, which is also known as the bubbling process. This produces immersed steam at a rate which can differ as per the weight over the bubbling water.
Steam Boiler
The steam generator or heater is an essential part of a steam motor when considered as a prime mover. A kettle fuses a firebox or heater so as to consume the fuel and produce heat.
Thermal Boiler
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of heavy-duty Thermal Boiler that are equipped with a series of the helical coil inside which fires moves to generate large for the production of steam within a high-pressure boiler.
Coal Fired Boiler
The soaked steam created in our coal-fired boiler can then either be utilized promptly to deliver control through a turbine and alternator or else might be further superheated to a higher temperature.
Bi-Drum Boiler
Our bi drum boiler remarkably decreases suspended water content making a given volume of steam deliver more work and makes a more prominent temperature inclination, which diminishes the possibility to frame buildup.
Package Boiler
Our package boiler is a processing plant made a heater that comprises a scope of standard structures. Bundle boilers are utilized for warming and go about as a steam generator for little power purposes, for example, self-fueled mechanical plants.
Water Tube Boiler
The provided water tube boiler is a sort of heater in which water flows in cylinders warmed remotely by the fire. Fuel is singed inside the heater, making hot gas which warms the water in the steam-creating tubes.
High Pressure Power Boiler
A high pressure power boiler is designed to operate at high pressure and temperature, especially in areas, like refineries and power plants. Working at high pressure levels is necessary for generating steam and transferring energy. The quality of steam generated by the boiler is unmatched.
Pollution Control Equipment
Pollution Control Equipment are high-performance industrial units that can be used in various industries to control the release of toxic fumes into the atmosphere. These machines are designed as per environmental and industrial standards to minimize pollutants.
Wet Back Boiler
A wet back boiler is a type of boiler in which flue gases passes thrice through different systems before exiting through the chimney. This durable and easy-to-maintain boiler generates steam in large quantities which is used in industries, like chemical processing, power generation, and refineries.
Fluidized Bed Dryer
The provided Fluidized Bed Dryer is a physical marvel happening when an amount of a strong particulate substance is put under proper conditions to cause a strong/liquid blend to carry on as a liquid.
Utility Boiler
Power generation is possible when a utility boiler generates steam or heat necessary for this process. The boiler with a high capacity for generating steam can operate at high pressures and temperatures.

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